Why CommunityWire


CommunityWire is simply your best bet for ensuring that your news content results in a news story that will get read by Canadians.

Owned and operated by the member newspapers of News Media Canada, CommunityWire provides a reliable and trusted means of getting your message out to community newspapers across Canada, in both official languages. The editors of over 1000 newspapers are subscribed to CommunityWire, ensuring that your content is being delivered right to their e-mail inbox from a source they trust — the news distribution service that they themselves own.


  • The fact is more Canadians get their news from their community newspaper than from any other source* (Recent ComBase. Vividata and StatHebdo readership studies show that community, daily and ethnocultural newspapers have a wider issue-reach than any other medium).
  • Indeed, studies show that more people access the news through newspapers than through any other medium — with fully 80% of Canadians having read a community newspaper within the past week. Simply put, no other medium is more accessed and more trusted than a newspaper.


Reach – We reach where others do not

CommunityWire …

  • Reaches editors of over 1000 newspapers subscribed to service
  • Posts your release on website
  • Publishes your release on Twitter and RSS feeds
  • Archives your content online for up to a year, allowing easy, searchable, access for users


CommunityWire offers…

  • No limits on word counts
  • A complimentary corporate or organisational logo
  • The option to embed images in your content and attach high resolution files 

Rates & Service

CommunityWire offers…

  • Extremely competitive rates
  • Volume discount rates
  • A charitable status discount (10%)
  • Timely distribution and quick turn around
  • Personal service from CommunityWire staff
  • Distributions that include both English and French

Added value:

  • In smaller communities, the radio stations read the local newspaper and use the content during broadcast.
  • Google news is aggregator, majority of sources are from newspapers or news services owned by newspapers.
  • In rural Canada, community newspapers are truly the voice and leadership of their local communities. Public relations companies can leverage this by not necessarily aiming for pickup rates, but by aiming to have their clients be the ‘go-to’ person for quotes on topical issues.