4 June 2024

Un sondage Nanos suggère que 58 % des Canadiens sont favorables à l’installation de dispositifs d’énergie renouvelable dans leur maison ou à l’intérieur de celle-ci

MISSISSAUGA, ON –(COMMUNITYWIRE)– Selon un sondage Nanos Research, commandité par Schneider Electric, chef de file mondial […]
4 June 2024

Nanos Poll Suggests 58% of Canadians are Open to Installing Renewable Energy Devices on or in their Homes

MISSISSAUGA, ON –(COMMUNITYWIRE)– According to a Nanos Research Poll, commissioned by Schneider Electric, the global leader […]
15 September 2022

Time to Tackle the Demand-Side of the Energy Transition, Schneider Electric Says

Schneider Electric issued a rallying cry for governments and companies to wake up to the role they can play in building an energy-resilient future.
1 March 2022

Schneider Electric Joins World Woman Hour to Inspire Future Generations of Women to Work in Energy

MISSISSAUGA, ON –/COMMUNITYWIRE/– Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of […]