GHR Responds to Local Government Release
07/19/2011 GHR Inc. is a shortline rail company created to bid for the line being abandoned by CP running from Hodgeville, through Gravelbourg to the CP Expanse near Mossbank. Last week seven municipal governments issued a media release regarding the line's sta... Read full article


Communities Call For Action on Rail
07/06/2011 In a joint release the leaders of seven municipalities are publicly calling for action to maintain rail service to their region. As part of their call to action, they are announcing that they have joined together to seek a Net Salvage Value Determin... Read full article


MPOWER® HellCat® Takes on High Prices
04/08/2011 Farmers of North America (FNA) members to begin receiving supply of HellCat®, a new Group 1 herbicide with the same active ingredient as Puma®. HellCat will be available this spring to control grassy weeds in all types of wheat and barley. H... Read full article


FNA Exposes Industry Excessive Profits
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For Immediate Release Farmers of North America reinforced its previous claim of excess profits in the herbicide industry, pointing to a new product entering the market this spraying season. Claiming that within a 30 day period manufacturers managed t... Read full article