Fungicides offer more than just disease control: BASF
04/15/2014 Fungicide use has picked up momentum in the past several years on many crops in Canada. While the purpose of a fungicide application is disease management, some fungicides have evolved to offer additional plant health and yield benefits. In 1996, BAS... Read full article


Les conditions météorologiques imprévisibles requièrent l'utilisation d'herbicides résiduels
04/02/2014 Cette année, les climatologues prédisent des conditions printanières moyennes sur la plus grande partie de l'Ontario et du Québec. Si, par contre, on considère que les conditions printanières moyennes dan... Read full article
Unpredictable weather calls for residual herbicides
04/02/2014 Climatologists are predicting an average spring throughout most of Ontario and Quebec this year. But considering that the average spring in the region consists of a variety of temperatures and types of precipitation, it is anyone’s guess what t... Read full article


Canadian cereal growers prepare for spring and look to build on success of 2013 season
03/31/2014 2013 was a big success for Canadian cereal crops in Western Canada. Statistics Canada reported Canadian wheat production increased by 38.0 per cent, barley by 27.8 per cent, and oats by 38.3 per cent over 2012. Both barley and oat acres produced reco... Read full article
Une application de fongicide bien planifiée s’avère essentielle pour améliorer les rendements maximaux
03/31/2014 Selon le Ministère de l’agriculture et de l’alimentation de l’Ontario (MAAO), les  manifestations de maladies végétales augmentent dans l’Est du Canada. Read full article
A timely fungicide application is crucial to improve maximum yields in corn and soybeans
03/31/2014 According to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF), disease pressure in eastern Canada is increasing. With the severe outbreak of northern corn leaf blight in some areas of the province and incidents of Asian soybean rust increasing in... Read full article


Protecting pulse crops from severe weather
03/18/2014 Prairie weather is unpredictable. Growers know that can mean anything from cold snaps, to droughts, to flooding and everything in between. Poor weather conditions threaten crop quality and yield which can mean the difference between getting a premium... Read full article


Feeding the 9-billion world: get crops off to a good start
03/12/2014 With the global population expected to rise to 9.6 billion by 2050 and the limited agricultural land and resources, Canada, among other countries, will need to produce more food to keep up with the rising demand. Crop protection companies, like BASF,... Read full article


Reduce risks and improve soybean performance with double inoculation
Category: Agriculture
In 2013, Statistics Canada reported record soybean production numbers in the west and Manitoba alone produced 1.1 million tonnes. With the shorter growing seasons and uncontrollable factors like frost and weather in western Canada, seed companies are... Read full article


Top Five Reasons Growers Choose Clearfield Lentils
Category: Agriculture
Western Canada’s lentil production is pegged at 1.709 million tonnes, which would make the 2013–2014 crop the second biggest in the past decade.  According to the January 2014 Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Pulse Market Report, Canadian... Read full article