Top 5 ways to prepare for retirement
03/14/2014 It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. However, many Canadians nearing retirement don’t yet have a plan in place and are worried about their financial future. In fact, 48 per cent of pre-retirees are concerned they wi... Read full article


Debunking the myths around Annuities
03/13/2014 Annuities are a stable and important part of retirement planning with many benefits attached to them, such as a guaranteed payout and no annual fees. “Annuities have played an integral role in retirement planning for years, yet Canadians often... Read full article


How to winter-proof your home
10/21/2013 Winter can provide a much-needed respite from the sweltering summer temperatures, but it can also bring severe storms which can cause havoc on your home and cost a lot of money in repairs. Read full article


Home safety tips while you're on vacation
10/18/2013 With the holidays around the corner, many Canadians are starting to plan for their winter getaways. However, for many Canadians, protecting their home from potential damage prior to a vacation is often secondary to preparing for the trip itself. Read full article


Fire Safety Tips During the Holidays
11/19/2012 While the incidence of fire increases during the holiday season due to greater use of natural Christmas trees, decorations and electric lighting, Canadians are taking further risks as more than 29 per cent of homeowners admit they don't have a fire e... Read full article


Prevent water damage from inside your home
10/18/2012 From leaking appliances to broken pipes, there are many ways your home can be damaged by water. However, you can help reduce the risk of water damage through proper maintenance and regular inspections. "Water damage can not only result in expens... Read full article


Keep insurance top of mind when renovating your home
10/11/2012 More than six-in-ten Canadian homeowners took on some form of home renovation project in the past two years. However, almost 80 per cent of them did not contact their insurance provider prior to the start of the renovations, according to a recent RBC... Read full article


How Canadian Farmers Can Effectively Manage Price Risk
08/21/2012 For Canada's agricultural producers, a profitable year of farming depends on successfully managing multiple, and often simultaneous, sources of risk such as weather, market prices and disease. Of all the risks faced by producers, the major one is pri... Read full article


Buying a used car? Here's what you need to know
07/23/2012 In today’s economic environment, many Canadians are opting to purchase used cars to help save money. By doing this, drivers can also save anywhere from five to 25 per cent on auto insurance premiums for vehicles five years and older. Read full article
Buying car insurance? Look for the best value, not the best deal
07/23/2012 With the current uncertain economic climate, more Canadians are looking for creative ways to cut costs. So it's no surprise that vehicle owners are shopping around for better deals on their car insurance. Read full article