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New Financial Relief Navigator offers Canadians one stop COVID-19 benefits and relief information

A clear, easy-to-follow resource featuring COVID-19 relief measures from governments, banks, credit unions, and utility, internet and telecom providers

Canadians can increase their income and reduce expenses during the crisis through this user-friendly resource that identifies COVID-19 benefits and relief measures they may be eligible for.

TORONTO, June 23, 2020 –/COMMUNITYWIRE/– Today, Prosper Canada announced the launch of the Financial Relief Navigator (FRN), a bilingual one-stop portal where Canadians can access critical COVID-19 emergency benefits and financial relief from governments, financial institutions, utility, telecom and internet providers.  

Over eight million Canadians have lost jobs or earnings to COVID-19 and are urgently seeking financial relief. For many Canadians with low incomes, COVID-19 has made their lives much worse – increasing hardship and risk. Governments and other institutions have responded with important relief measures, but many vulnerable Canadians struggle to navigate and access these successfully due to language, literacy, numeracy, digital and other barriers.   

Thanks to the generous funding and support of TD Bank Group, United Way Centraide Canada, United Way Greater Toronto, Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security, and Bridgeable, Canadians can increase their income and reduce expenses during the crisis through this user-friendly resource that identifies COVID-19 benefits and relief measures they may be eligible for. The site provides clear descriptions of benefits and relief measures, including eligibility requirements and important details on how new benefits may impact existing benefits people are already receiving.

“The sheer volume of information being shared right now can feel very overwhelming for many Canadians,” said Elizabeth Mulholland, CEO, Prosper Canada. “We wanted to bring all benefits and financial relief into one resource and provide critical information that is easy to navigate and understand.”

The FRN will help Canadians identify ways to increase their income and reduce expenses during the crisis. The site is updated daily as new information becomes available. The FRN is available in English and French.

“We are proud to sponsor Prosper Canada through the TD Ready Commitment, our global corporate citizenship platform. The Financial Relief Navigator is a simple and intuitive tool that will help families sift through the complexities of relief measures available to find a solution that best suits them," said Andrea Barrack, Global Head of Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship, TD Bank Group.

“One of the outcomes of COVID-19 is that so many more people, some for the first time in their lives, are wrestling with financial stress while, at the same time, the supports and services are constantly evolving,” said Dan Clement, President & CEO, United Way Centraide Canada. “The Financial Relief Navigator is an invaluable and easy to use tool that can help people in communities across the country navigate the financial benefits and supports available to them. We’re proud to partner with Prosper Canada and its supporters. Together, we can keep our communities strong.”

“The impact of COVID-19 has made life even harder for those living in poverty and put many more at risk of falling into it,” said Ruth Crammond, Vice President, Community Investment and Development, United Way Greater Toronto. “While governments and institutions have stepped up with new financial benefits and relief measures, accessing them can prove challenging. In supporting the Financial Relief Navigator, we’re minimizing road blocks so that individuals, families and agency case workers assisting them can tap into those critical supports quickly and easily.” 

“Financial security is critical to ensuring people can meet their basic needs, including affording food for their families,” said Sarah Stern, Director, Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security. “Food insecurity in Canada, already a critical issue affecting over 4 million people, has escalated due to the economic impact of this pandemic. This tool will enable people to navigate a complex environment and access the critical support they need.”

“We were delighted to bring a human-centred design lens to the Financial Relief Navigator, and to support Prosper Canada in their work helping Canadians navigate the many different avenues for financial relief,” said Susan Bartlett, CEO, Bridgeable.

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About Prosper Canada: Founded in 1986, Prosper Canada is a national charity dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty through program and policy innovation. Prosper Canada works with governments, businesses, and community groups to develop and promote financial policies, programs and resources that transform lives and foster the prosperity of all.

About TD Global Corporate Citizenship: TD has a long-standing commitment to enriching the lives of its customers, colleagues and communities. As part of its corporate citizenship platform, the TD Ready Commitment, the bank is targeting CDN $1 billion (US $775 million) in total by 2030 towards community giving in four areas critical to opening doors for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow – Financial Security, Vibrant Planet, Connected Communities and Better Health. Through the TD Ready Commitment, the bank aspires to link its business, philanthropy and human capital to help people feel more confident - not just about their finances, but also in their ability to achieve their personal goals in a changing world. For further information, visit

About United Way Centraide Canada: Since 1919, United Way Centraide has been dedicated to creating opportunities for a better life for all Canadians in local communities across the country. United Way Centraide Canada was founded in 1939 and provides national leadership and support to a federated network of local United Ways and Centraides serving more than 5,000 communities across Canada. Together we are a national network of local community builders, working to alleviate the conditions of the most vulnerable today and building stronger, more prosperous communities for all.

About United Way Greater Toronto: As the largest non-government funder of community services in the GTA, United Way Greater Toronto reinforces a crucial community safety net. United Way’s network of agencies and initiatives in neighbourhoods across Peel, Toronto and York Region works to ensure that everyone has access to the programs and services they need to thrive today. Mobilizing the network and other community support, United Way tackles #UNIGNORABLE issues linked to poverty. United Way’s work is rooted in ground-breaking research, strategic leadership, local advocacy and cross-sectoral partnerships committed to building lasting solutions to the GTA’s greatest challenges.

About Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security: The Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security (the Centre) is a registered charity committed to working collaboratively to reduce food insecurity in Canada by 50% by 2030. The Centre advocates for critical public policies and invests in knowledge building and food-based programs that advance the capacity of people and communities to achieve sustainable food security. The Centre was created in 2016 and is governed by a board of directors, including four independent experts.

About Bridgeable: Bridgeable is an award-winning, human-centered service design consultancy located in Toronto, Ontario. They work with individuals and organizations to create a more human world, one experience at a time. By putting people first, they build better experiences from the ground up. Together with their clients, they awaken insight, create meaningful strategies, and forge tangible tools that lead to enduring growth for organizations and people.



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