“COVID puts all of us at risk,Premier: protect and pay us equally” Peterborough Lindsay Oshawa health staff plan Thursday action


PETERBOROUGH, ON –/COMMUNITYWIRE/– Peterborough, Lindsay and Oshawa health care workers concerned about safety and frustrated about a divisive provincial COVID-19 pandemic pay policy are taking part in an afternoon of province-wide workplace actions - at hospitals and long-term care homes across Ontario, Thursday May 14. Some, like hospital workers in Peterborough and Oshawa are visible and outside.

Tens of thousands of health care staff who work on the hospital front lines have been excluded from receiving the pandemic recognition pay announced by the province last month. Since the COVID pandemic began in Ontario, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) health care sector members have been vocal that neither they, their patients or the residents they care for are adequately protected from infection.

Peterborough hospitals workers will be among those participating in telling the Premier and the health minister that they are all at risk and they all should be protected equally, says Laurie Hatton, president of CUPE 1943 at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

“We will be there both inside and outside the hospital at the staff entrance door at the 2:15 p.m. shift change. It is important that our voice be clearly heard. We are all there for patients and we are all at risk. It’s why we must be protected fully and treated fairly and equally when it comes to pandemic pay,” says Hanton a cook at the hospital. She works beside dietary staff who have been excluded from getting the pandemic pay, a situation Hanton calls “unfair and divisive”.

Hospital workers at Lakeridge Health Centre – the Oshawa campus will also be outside the hospital at 3 p. m.

Staff at Lindsay’s Ross Memorial Hospital will be inside the hospital but no less active their colleagues in Peterborough and Oshawa. They will be posting photos of their efforts throughout the day.



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