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Safety in Schools Awards 100,000th Workplace Safety Training Certificate Through High School Program

CALGARY, Alberta —/COMMUNITYWIRE/— Safety in Schools, a Calgary-based non-profit organization, announced today they have awarded their 100,000th workplace safety certificate, reaching a huge milestone within high schools across Western Canada and confirming their commitment to the education and safety of young workers.

With its founding partners – ComplyWorks Ltd. and SWIFT Learning, Safety in Schools was able to provide the infrastructure and support needed to successfully launch and run the safety education and training program within the high school curriculum.

Safety in Schools provides a variety of online and in-school programs designed to promote awareness of essential workplace safety concepts and strategies, along with the understanding of workers’ rights and responsibilities in the workplace. This training helps prepare students to work safely and responsibly in any industry, before they enter the workforce.

Statistics show there is a need for safety education and training among people entering the workforce. In 2018, the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta reported there were 51,033 workers across various industries in Alberta who were injured on the job and 126 workers died.

A recent review led by the Institute for Work & Health found that workers are three times more likely to be hurt in their first month on the job than they are after their first year.1 This highlights the importance of educating workers about health and safety before they enter the workforce.1

“Due to the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace, we saw a need to educate high school students about safety on the job before they enter the workforce,” said Ross Wickware, Managing Director of Safety in Schools. “With our founding partners – ComplyWorks Ltd. and SWIFT Learning, we were able to provide the infrastructure and support needed to successfully launch and run the program within the high school curriculum. We’ve come so far, and we’re extremely proud of our latest achievement. We couldn’t have done it without our program sponsors who continue to support us as we expand our program across Canada.”

The online library of safety courses was developed with Alberta Education to ensure the course offerings align with the curriculum outcomes for the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) learning stream.

Students who take these courses are at an advantage when applying for jobs with employers because they’re already thinking about safety, and in most cases, are applying their new knowledge at home. It’s training for life.

Since inception in 2011, the Safety in Schools’ online program has been extremely well-received by students and educators. It’s now offered in over 320 high schools across Western Canada and growing with introductions to the program already taking place in Eastern Canada.

About Safety in Schools

The Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada is a registered non-profit organization, formed by industry to address the high rate of workplace injuries among workers and committed to providing young workers with the opportunity to learn the basics about workplace safety before they begin working.

Their goal is to educate and prepare every young person entering the workforce with the knowledge to recognize hazards, therefore reducing risk in the workplace.


1 Breslin FC, Dollack J, Mahood Q, et al. Are new workers at elevated risk for work injury? A systematic review. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2019;76:694-701.  


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