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The Boomer Generation is coming into its dying time. But in a death-phobic society, where to go for answers?

TORONTO, Ontario —/COMMUNITYWIRE/— The Boomer Generation is coming into its dying time. But in a death-phobic society, what to do with the discomfort that often arises?

Psychotherapist Nancy Leach has some suggestions to help navigate the issue no one wants to talk about.

In a timely new book called The Mindful Boomer: Skills for Aging and Dying, Leach provides a practical guide that allows the reader to learn a meditation skill set that can be used to manage physical pain and emotional concerns.

“One of the inescapable realities about aging,” she says, ”is that it involves an enormous amount of letting go. When the children leave home, it means on the one hand, more personal freedom. But it also can suddenly change one’s life and it can be upsetting and disorienting. Retirement, loss of friends to illness, shrinking one’s lifestyle due to small or non-existing pensions, loss of physical energy. It’s a lot to deal with all at once.”

“As I listened to some of my older clients talk about the challenges they were facing,” says Leach, “and as my thoughts turned to my own aging, I realized that Mindfulness Meditation was the perfect vehicle for a person to accommodate the many issues that arise.”

Leach is a Boomer herself, and many years ago, she did what many young people were doing in the 70’s and 80’s—she ran away to India. Later, after a stint teaching English in Iran and raising a family in Vermont, she settled in Waterloo, Ontario, where she became Program Director of a cancer support centre.

For the first time, she came face to face with people confronting the possibility that their deaths could occur far sooner than they expected. “They taught me a lot about facing the unknown and the spiritual journey that can be a part of the end of life.”

In recent years, Mindfulness has become the subject of significant clinical and scientific research and the results are extremely positive. Mindfulness Meditation has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve the functioning of your immune system, prevent relapse of clinical depression, reduce anxiety and even slow down atrophy of the brain.

“This very simple practice gives us a way to find closure with the life we have had and feel more confident about the ending of our days,” says Leach.

In addition to a step-by-step guide to learning how to be a meditator, The Mindful Boomer contains 15 guided meditations which are also available in spoken form on Leach’s website

Nancy Leach MAT, MSc, BMCP is a psychotherapist holding Masters’ degrees in teaching and psychology. She is a meditator, a yoga practitioner of 50 years and the former program director of Hopespring Cancer Support Centre in Waterloo, Ontario.

The Mindful Boomer can be purchased in hard copy or e-reader version at or

Media interested in contacting Ms Leach can reach her by calling (647) 838-1849 or emailing Media outlets interested in reviewing will be supplied with a complimentary e-copy.


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