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Committed to Full-Time Job Creation for Emerging Practitioners in the Growing Natural Resource & Environmental Sectors.

ECO Canada Continues to Bridge Employment Gaps for Emerging Environmental Practitioners.

CALGARY, Alberta --/COMMUNITYWIRE/-- ECO Canada is pleased to announce renewed commitment for the creation of new environmental jobs for young professionals. This employment program helps emerging practitioners that have training in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) by providing them with the chance to gain meaningful on-the-job experience and launch their environmental careers. Funding is available for employers who are committed to supporting the next generation of professionals entering the workforce. Employers can receive support to help cover wages for the first year of employment for junior environmental roles including student short-term placements.
“Employers must align talent acquisition and retention strategy to prepare for this gap of skilled professionals and the intellectual capital they will take with them.”

“We are thrilled to be able to continue to make a difference to employment challenges being faced by Canada’s youth,” says Kelly Meyerhoff, Program Manager at ECO Canada. “We’ve helped create new jobs in every province and territory across Canada and there have been so many inspiring stories of growth and success. Especially for underrepresented groups such as women – over half the jobs matched have been awarded to women in the last couple years.”

This highly successful employment program addresses key labour market challenges such as underemployment and hiring challenges, and, it allows employers to easily tap into a new talent pool that can support their business objectives and increase team capacity.

“These positions have allowed us to increase our capacity for both environmental-related research, and for increasing the awareness of this research and environmental issues among locals in our area,” states Graham Sakaki, Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute at Vancouver Island University. “On behalf of our research institute, I cannot express enough how grateful we are for the funding we have received by the Federal Government’s Youth Employment Strategy.”

Canadian employers have received nearly $50M in wage funding to facilitate the creation of over 7,500 environmental jobs administered by ECO Canada in the past twenty years. This employment program is very rewarding for job candidates and can lead to numerous advantages including: 1) The ability to stand out in a competitive job market; 2) Gaining meaningful work experience and career longevity; 3) Building a personal network of professional peers; 4) Learning valuable technical and essential soft skills to increase employability; and 5) The chance to discover new roles and start advance one’s career more quickly.

ECO Canada’s recent labour market research findings indicate that a significant gap in employment supply is looming due to retirement trends and new roles in demand – approximately 180,000 jobs must be filled by qualified practitioners by 2028.

“Employers must align talent acquisition and retention strategy to prepare for this gap of skilled professionals and the intellectual capital they will take with them,” explains Kevin Nilsen, President & CEO at ECO Canada. “The challenge we face is that new graduates are confronted with multiple barriers such as experience and essential skills, that are preventing them from gaining appropriate employment. Programs like this are helping to address this challenge.”

There are a number of eligibility requirements participants need in order to be accepted into the program. For example, the employer must be Canadian owned or Canadian subsidiary and the position must be related to an environmental project. Employers and Job Candidates interested in applying and learning the full application requirements can do so at the ECO Canada website:

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