Published on Mon, 11/05/2018 by Operation Lifesaver Canada

Operation Lifesaver unveils new video to keep commuters safe

Canada’s commuter railways carry more than 79 million passengers each year. Commuters from Montreal to Toronto to Vancouver depend on them as a quick, reliable and environmentally friendly way to get to work and school every day. But unfortunately, when passengers don’t follow the rail safety rules, commuting can be deadly.

In 2017, according to the Transportation Safety Board, there were 223 rail-related crossing and trespassing incidents in Canada. Seventy-two people lost their lives and another 44 were seriously injured. Over the past 10 years, close to 1,200 Canadians have been killed or seriously injured because they engaged in unsafe behaviour around railway tracks and trains.

These incidents are not only devastating for the individuals involved, as well as their friends and family, but they also have a lasting effect on railway employees, first responders and communities. The tragic thing is, virtually all of these tragedies are preventable.

At Operation Lifesaver, our mission is to keep incidents like these from happening. That is why we have teamed up with Metrolinx, the provincial agency that runs GO Transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, to produce a new video to educate Canadians about the tragic consequences of unsafe behaviour around trains and tracks—with a particular focus on commuters.

On November 5th, we launched a new virtual reality (VR) video to give viewers a first-hand—and hopefully, unforgettable—view of just how quickly and quietly a commuter train can sneak up on someone. It is the fifth VR video in our continuing Look. Listen. Live. rail-safety campaign.

The goal of these VR videos is to get across our simple, but important, message to all Canadians: that railway warning signs and signals are there to keep you safe. We want to remind them that they need to obey them at all times, and that failing to do so could have terrifying—and even deadly—consequences.

We are also asking Canadians to help us spread our rail safety message and stop needless incidents from happening. We are hoping people from coast to coast will watch our new commuter rail-safety VR video, then share it on social media, along with the hashtag #SHARETHESCARE, to help ensure commuters across the country get where they need to go safely.

By working together, we can make preventable railway crossing and trespassing incidents a thing of the past. So, watch the video. Share it with the people you love—it could save a life.


Sarah Mayes
National Director, Operation Lifesaver Canada


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Commuter Rail Safety VR Video:

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