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Find Inspiration in Nature with 5 Beautiful Fall Hikes Recommended by Scouts Canada, the Outdoor Experts

The young outdoor experts at Scouts Canada are always going on adventures in search of perfect spots to set up camp, observe wildlife, and take in stunning views. One of the most beautiful seasons to experience the great outdoors is in the fall when the temperatures are moderately cool, and the leaves begin to change into bright amber hues.

Hikes are a great way to explore nature’s beauty, find inspiration and get some exercise along the way. To discover the best destinations for a hike, we asked a group of Scouts for their favourite trails across Canada:

Scout Name: Inara Mawji, Age 19
Trail: Flint and Feather Trail
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Why: The Flint and Feather Trail is an alternative to the popular Grouse Grind trail. This quieter trail is suited for experienced hikers who like a challenge through rugged terrain, sharp turns and some unmarked areas. Once at the top, the viewpoints of West Vancouver and beyond are spectacular. My favorite parts of this hike are the wooden bridges for crossing and the rock faces for climbing. 

Scout Name: Ana-Alexandra Matei, Age 13
Trail: Coliseum Trail
Location: Nordegg, Alberta
Why: This 12-km trail is challenging yet beautiful as you pass through a creek, between wildflowers, forests and wildlife. Part of the trail is an adrenaline-raising, concentration-requiring walk along rocks. After you’ve safely made your way across, the trail goes back into the forest for another kilometer before reaching the summit, which has the most stunning views of the Canadian Rockies and thousands of Alberta’s provincial tree, the Lodgepole Pine.

Scout Name: Quinn McPherson, Age 12
Trail: Cedar Sands Trail
Location: Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario
Why: I like this trail because you can see lots of wildlife like turtles and centipedes along the way. If you go on the guided tour, you can learn about the history of the trail’s ecology and interesting facts about the famous sand dunes; they’re the largest fresh water sand bar and dune system in the world. What also makes this trail so great is the variety of terrain. After the hike, you’ll have been on dirt paths, boardwalks, among the cascade of falling leaves in the woods, along river banks and past two lookouts. Even as the temperatures begin to drop and bugs are supposed to decrease, be sure to bring some bug spray. Bonus: Not far away are the picturesque beaches of Prince Edward County. I’d recommend hiking to visit those, too!

Scout Name: Kaelem Moniz, Age 14
Trail: Humber River, Old Mill and Marshes Discovery Walk
City: Toronto, Ontario
Why: You don’t have to travel far to find a great hiking experience. The Humber River, Old Mill and Marshes Discovery Walk is right in the city. This discovery walk is easily accessible by public transit and takes you from urban Bloor Street, through parklands, all the way to the shores of Lake Ontario. The hike follows the path of the Humber River, passing by forests of strikingly colourful fall foliage, meadows and the historic Old Mill site. It’s a leisurely excursion that is great for beginners, and a perfect activity for the weekend.

Scout: Emma Savić Kallesøe, Age 17
Trail: Cypress Mountain Section of the Baden Powell Trail
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Why: This trail is a lengthy 42 km in total, made up of four distinct sections all accessible at different entry points. My favourite section is along Cyprus Mountain because the peak often has snow on it, even during the off seasons. If you’re looking to cool off during the summer, it’s great for snow angels! Or if you’d like an early taste of winter, be sure to visit during the fall. Walkable in a few hours, this trail can be completed without difficulty. And because you’re on a mountain throughout the hike, you can enjoy captivating views the entire time.

Scouts Canada has always been a great source for outdoor expertise, especially when it’s shared first hand by the Scouts themselves. Hopefully their recommendations have inspired you to visit these trails for yourself and take in the beauty that awaits!

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