Published on Fri, 12/01/2017 by Nature Conservancy of Canada

Ten great green gift ideas

Running out of gift ideas this holiday season? Fear not! Check out these suggestions below for the nature lover, outdoor enthusiast or the person-who-has-everything on your list:  

Gifts of Canadian Nature

Buy a meaningful gift that helps conserve Canadian species’ habitat, through the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) annual Gifts of Canadian Nature program. Use the online catalogue and choose from six landscapes or eight species — Canada Lynx, wolf, swift fox, snowy owl, moose, grizzly bear, American badger and bald eagle. With a donation of $40 or more, you’ll receive a full-colour, 8.5” x 11” certificate, an 8.5” x 11” 2018 wall calendar showcasing gorgeous NCC-protected landscapes and an eight-page wildlife booklet with fascinating facts about your selected species. For example, did you know that the bald eagle is the largest bird in North America?

Or, consider the paperless option, which includes a personalized email and an e-certificate with a photo of the chosen species or landscape sent to your gift recipient. Alternatively, you could send a personalized e-card with a photo of a species and a greeting for a minimum donation of $20. For donations of $10 or more, you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt.

“These are great gifts for anyone on your list, especially nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts,” says John Lounds, president and chief executive officer at NCC. “We are offering green ideas to conserve habitat for many species, while saving people time and frustration. People can avoid mall line ups, buy local and help us care for our natural spaces and wildlife.”

To learn more, visit or call 1-800-465-8005.

Bee house

Purchase a bee sanctuary to help restore their declining populations. Come spring, bees will move into the house and help pollinate the garden. Buy a mason bee house at for about $20 US.

Soap nuts

An environmentally friendly substitute for laundry detergent, soap nuts are biodegradable and let you do double the number of loads for the same price. Order a bag for $15 at

Waste-reducing gifts

Try giving gifts that can be reused over and over again. Cloth dish towels, water filters, reusable water bottles, thermoses, bento boxes and mugs are excellent examples, and they all help to lessen what ends up in landfills.

Solar battery pack

This is an ideal gift for the campers and hikers on your list. Charged by tiny solar modules, a solar battery pack can power up most tablets and phones. The Cobra CPP 300, for example, can be charged with minimal sunlight, and its three USB charging outlets can charge a phone and tablet simultaneously. Purchase one from for about $100.

Flip-flop doormat

Turn summer apparel into a winter staple with a doormat made of repurposed flip flops. The material is ideal for absorbing water and wiping away dirt from shoes. You can buy one from for about $30 US.

Reusable hand warmer

For the people on your list who can’t get enough of the outdoors, even when it’s freezing out, this is the perfect gift. Activated by bending an inner metal disc, it quickly produces heat to keep your hands warm. It’s non-toxic, reusable and makes for a great stocking stuffer. Order one from for about $16.

Ecosystem globe

Instead of a snow globe, give someone an ecosystem globe — a glass sphere that contains a whole ecosystem. Within the globe’s water, the shrimp eat micro-organisms that then feed on algae and bacteria. Each ecosystem typically lasts for about two years. Purchase one at for about $65 US.

Necklace garden

Wear your favourite plant around your neck with the necklace garden. Made of durable nylon or plastic, you can pick one up for about $50 US at

Fun experiences

For non-materialistic, minimalistic friends and family, consider giving them memorable experiences, such as tickets to a movie, show or attraction, dinner gift certificates, spa days, weekend getaways or classes (such as cooking, pottery or yoga). Who knows? Maybe they’ll invite you along to join them.

For more information about NCC and how you can get involved, visit


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