Published on Wed, 09/27/2017 by BASF Canada

BASF gives competitive edge to Canadian growers with increased inoculant production

In late August, BASF announced the expansion of its Saskatoon manufacturing facility for biological inoculants.

“BASF remains committed to the growth of the Canadian pulse market and helping Canadian growers be successful. This announcement is a testament to that commitment.”
- Mike Schaad, Marketing Manager for Functional Crop Care, BASF

With a reported $10 million CAD investment into the expansion project, BASF is demonstrating industry leadership by responding to an increased grower demand for inoculants in Canada.

Over the past several years, pulse acres in Western Canada have expanded dramatically, specifically in lentil and pea acres. Growers need innovative solutions to provide the nitrogen lentils and peas require for the production of a high-yielding crop.

Mike Schaad, Marketing Manager for Functional Crop Care at BASF, is excited for the new expansion and what it means for pulse growers across the country. “The expanded facility allows us to supply growers directly from Canada, with a made-in-Canada solution. Pulses are one of Canada’s many success stories. BASF is happy to be a part of this, from our investments with the Crop Development Centre in lentil variety and genetics since the 1980s, to our current solutions that are solving the issues pulse growers face on a daily basis.”

Aside from increasing the site’s production volume capacity, the improvements will ensure greater operational safety and increased production efficiency of pea and lentil inoculants, including Nodulator Duo SCG, the newest innovation from BASF.

Nodulator Duo SCG uses the same strain (strain 1435) of beneficial rhizobia bacteria that is found in Nodulator XL. However, it has an additional biological component, Bacillus subtilis (strain BU1814) that creates a biofilm on the root system that encourages root growth, improves the nodulation and nitrogen fixation. The biofilm also improves the use of other nutrients and increases the plant’s ability to manage exposure to environmental stresses; all of these leading to higher yield potential.

In a news release, BASF confirmed that Nodulator Duo SCG will be manufactured at the Saskatoon plant for Canadian growers as a result of this investment.

“BASF remains committed to the growth of the Canadian pulse market and helping Canadian growers be successful. This announcement is a testament to that commitment,” said Schaad.

Solid core granules, a highly effective granular formulation found in Nodulator Duo SCG and developed by BASF, are unique to the current Canadian pulse market. The granules are designed to create an environment to support the survival of rhizobium. The granules are also designed to be more consistent in size, which allows for more accurate rate and placement in-furrow, leading to better inoculation and nitrogen fixation.

Jason Swan, a grower from Beechy, Saskatchewan, welcomes the new plant expansion and inoculant. “I love that Nodulator Duo SCG is made right here in Saskatoon; right here in the Prairies for our growing conditions. It makes me proud to be Canadian.”

The new plant expansion will be in full inoculant production for the 2018 season.

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