Published on Wed, 07/12/2017 by Advancing Women in Agriculture

Advancing Women Conference provides powerful connections and learning opportunities

Over 3000 women in agriculture have gathered at the six Advancing Women Conferences held since 2014! Advancing Women is now recognised as the largest agricultural leadership conference for women and place to be for women in ag.

“The coming conferences will offer even more life-changing information to help women in agriculture build their skills and knowledge,” says Iris Meck, President of Iris Meck Communications Inc. and host of the Advancing Women Conferences. “These conferences appeal to women at all stages of life and work. We’ve seen women new to agriculture attend, plus those from small family farms to large multinational companies. We see women of all ages from university students, mothers and daughters to those with several decades of experience. The diversity at these conferences shows the great contribution that women make to this industry.”

Each conference attracts between 500 and 600 attendees, with over 230 organizations represented. Meck notes that Advancing Women Conferences are a great way for women in agriculture, viticulture and food-related industries to come together for a few days of learning, networking and sharing.

“Feedback from attendees underlines that our conferences give women the chance to build their community based on shared experiences. They get together in one room and find out they have a lot in common, regardless of their position or industry sector,” Meck says.

Meck attributes the popularity of the Advancing Women Conferences to allowing time for individual networking as well as providing dynamic speakers who share real-life skills and stories. In addition to speakers from agriculture, agrifood and related industries, Advancing Women Conference speakers have been chefs, young business owners, doctors, researchers and celebrities.

This year, on Sunday, October 29, the Advancing Women Conference adds a wine tour of the Niagara region to the program for women to experience the beauty of the area, learn more about the industry and enjoy the wine and food of the region.

For more on the speakers and agenda for the upcoming Advancing Women Conference in Niagara Falls on October 29, 30 and 31, 2017, visit the website or call 403-686-8407.