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Lunenburg County - coming to a community near you

They’re ready to hit the road on a cross-Canada tour in search of 150 families looking to create a life they love in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Tina Hennigar, together with a formidable multi-media duo, Ben Durham and Jess Noble, will be starting in Edmonton where the Canadian-made 1976 Boler Camper will have been shipped and waiting for them. Together with the 2017 Ford Escape, the camper will be filled with everything Lunenburg County—from cranberries to job listings, real estate guides to dog treats. NOW Lunenburg County has been planning the trip since September when Hennigar was hired as the population growth coordinator. And just as excitement is growing, so too is the curiosity about what exactly they’ll be doing on this cross-Canada tour and how exactly they intend to achieve their goal.

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Hennigar explains, “I’ve already been contacted by a number of people who are interested in moving to Lunenburg County, and who want to meet me while I’m on tour. I’ll be meeting with them and telling them the real deal about Lunenburg County—that we have beautiful beaches but that you’ll need a car to get to them. And with locally roasted coffee being served up in some quaint coffee shops throughout the county, you won’t even notice that there isn’t a Starbucks to be found.” Hennigar will share some of the vacant jobs that are available and the real estate that might make it possible for people in towns and cities with high housing costs to afford their first home.

The most incredible people have moved to Lunenburg County and created a life, says Hennigar. She explains that they want more of them. “We want more folks to come here, to live and work, set up small businesses, offer their skills to our festivals and our volunteer organizations. Some of these very folks have told us that Lunenburg County is Canada’s best-kept secret.” Hennigar hopes this tour will let the cat out of the bag—or the camper, if you will.

She’ll be stopping in Kamloops and Toronto, Whistler and Sault Ste. Marie and everywhere in between. They’ll be at festivals, concerts, intimate gatherings, walking the trails of our national parks, all in search of people who want to learn more. And if you want to experience Lunenburg County for yourself, they will be giving away two opportunities to do just that.

“If you see me on the tour, come say hello, grab a key tag, tell us a little more about you and your family, and you’ll be entered into a draw to come here to experience Lunenburg County, not as a tourist, but as a resident. You’ll meet others who’ve created a life here, we’ll take you to one of our many incredible firemen's breakfasts, we’ll take you for a beer at the local pub, we’ll walk on the beach, buy veggies at the farm market.” Hennigar explains that if you can’t meet her on the road, you’ll have a chance to win another trip just by following their tour on social media by using the hashtag, #followme2lunenburgcounty on Twitter and Instagram or NOW Lunenburg County on Facebook. 

“Or maybe you just miss home. I want to hear why. When you live here, sometimes you forget why Lunenburg County is so special. One of our goals is remind everyone who lives here what makes us unique.”

To meet up with the NOW Lunenburg County Tour or to learn more about the project, go to Tina Hennigar can be reached by phone at 902-523-5725 or by email at


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