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Living with pain can disrupt your sleep

Living with pain can really disrupt your quality of life. Your role as a parent, spouse, employee, friend, or athlete can be dramatically changed. No one wishes to have pain. There is so much information on the internet and on TV but what can be trusted? What really works? The Canadian Physiotherapy Association can help you find a physiotherapist who can help you recover from your pain at They have great resources to get you back on your feet.

Research tells us that the most effective treatment is understanding how pain is generated as this will give you insight on how to manage it.  There is an informative video posted at that can help explain how pain is created and how to manage it.  

Living with pain can disrupt your sleep, making it harder to cope with pain the next day and participate in life. Try some of these sleep hygiene tricks to help with your sleep. As pain ramps up, we know the ability to calm the nervous system through relaxation techniques has a direct impact on the volume (intensity) of the output of pain. This is called “down regulation” and is a proven method of pain reduction once you have mastered them.

Practicing meditation techniques, breathing exercises, imagery techniques or mindfulness during times when the pain message is less will allow you to become expert at harnessing these techniques when you need them the most to manage pain.  Do you have difficulty staying focussed during relaxation techniques? Try a guided meditation.

These are but a few treatment techniques a physiotherapist can provide you with to help you recover from pain that will not go away. There are many more!

May is National Physiotherapy Month in Canada. Visit to learn more.


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Janet Holly P.T., Clinical Specialist in Pain Sciences

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