Published on Wed, 03/15/2017 by Nature Conservancy of Canada

Receive tax breaks while helping save Canadian landscapes

Income tax season is here and you may be wondering how to receive tax breaks this year and in the future. Whether you’re a tax wizard or not, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) can help.

Requesting tax receipts from registered charities that you’ve donated to is an excellent way to obtain tax breaks. Since you can claim these charitable receipts for up to five years, it’s wise to wait and claim them all at once, as you’ll receive a larger total credit than claiming a small amount per year.

NCC, a registered land conservation charity, issues tax receipts for cash, stock and ecologically significant land donations. Tax credits associated with your donation will decrease taxable income for the year you made the donation, and the following five years.

“Supporting NCC’s work by donating funds or land is a great way for Canadians to contribute to the protection of special areas and our natural heritage,” says John Lounds, NCC’s president and CEO.

Those with land parcels they want to protect but are unsure of their options should contact NCC. If the land is considered an eco-gift, NCC may make it easier to access Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program, which provides additional tax savings, fully eliminates capital gains tax and prolongs the carry-forward claim period from five years to 10 years.

More and more Canadian landowners with conservation goals in mind participate in the Ecological Gifts Program every year. Since the program’s start in 1995, NCC has worked alongside private land owners on several nationwide Ecological Gifts projects. Many of these donations were made to commemorate loved ones who have passed on.

To learn more about the Ecological Gifts Program, visit and for information on other types of gifts, please visit

Bayers Island (Photo by: Mike Dembeck)

Enchantment Valley (Photo by: NCC)

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