Published on Tue, 02/28/2017 by BASF Canada

Grow your best cereal crop—planning a strong start will ensure a strong finish

Canada has a reputation as a leading exporter of grains. In fact, it is one of the top three wheat exporters in the world and the largest producer of high-protein milling wheat. Behind this reputation is a history of agricultural research bringing new and improved plant varieties to the market, creating an appetite for innovation.

Fusarium graminearum is one of the most devastating species of Fusarium in Canada due to its impact on grain yield and quality. The fungus can produce multiple toxins, and is easily spread by wind, through soil-borne Fusarium and by planting infected seed. Noteworthy for Canadian growers, Fusarium graminearum spores can overwinter in soil or on crop and grass residues, and can remain in fields for years.

During the 2016 growing season, areas of Western Canada experienced significant moisture, resulting in conditions that are ideal for disease development. Fortunately, innovative seed treatments such as Insure Cereal can help manage Fusarium and other seed- and soil-borne diseases.

Insure Cereal provides AgCelence benefits including broad-spectrum disease control and increased growth efficiencies, such as more consistent and increased emergence, even under cold conditions. Additional AgCelence benefits include increased seedling vigour both above and below ground, and an enhanced ability to manage exposure to environmental stresses. This all results in healthier plants and increased yield potential.

Ensuring seeds are protected before they are planted is key to successful crop establishment. The earlier that a seed or plant is infected by Fusarium, the greater the damage and potential for yield loss.

Russell Trischuk, Technical Development Specialist at BASF Canada, highlights the benefits of using a seed treatment on cereals. “When you treat your seed with Insure Cereal, you’re helping your crop get off to a great start. The combination of three active ingredients provides multiple modes of action for control of most diseases caused by Fusarium. Insure Cereal offers one of the widest Fusarium labels on the market and not only protects seeds from disease, but it also provides AgCelence benefits, giving seeds and seedlings the head start they need to survive.”

Arie Vandertweel grows 6,000 acres of wheat, oats and canola on his farm near Gronlid, Saskatchewan. He first tried Insure Cereal on his wheat and oats in 2013. “We had heard great things about Insure, and used it on all of our seeded acres,” he said. “We’ve never had any issues with Insure; we applied it straight to our seed, and it covered really well. We were also amazed with the results—our wheat came up in rows six days after planting. It’s just amazing how good it is coming out of the ground.”

Insure Cereal comes in an easy-to-use formulation and provides maximum protection from seed- and soil-borne disease. Protecting seeds with a seed treatment gets plants off to a strong, healthy start and sets them up for success all year long.




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