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Inoculants for every field, every year aid in a successful soybean crop through increased nitrogen uptake

In order to grow into a strong, successful crop, soybeans require large amounts of nitrogen. Soybeans receive nitrogen either through nitrogen fertilizers or through tiny living organisms—rhizobia.

Rhizobia are soil bacteria that form nodules on a plant’s roots. The bacteria help convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium, a form of nitrogen that can be used by the plant. Rhizobia provide the plant with necessary nutrients, helping to promote plant health and increase yield potential.

To help ensure that soybeans get the nitrogen they need, growers can use soybean inoculants that contain rhizobia to increase nitrogen fixing. Many soybean growers agree that a best practice is to inoculate first-time soybean fields in order to promote the nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria. However, soybeans need nitrogen every year, not just the first year they are planted.

Harry Davies, a sales and production manager at the Manitoba-based soybean seed provider North Star Genetics, says that soybeans are big users of nitrogen. “Soybeans require five to six pounds of nitrogen for every bushel grown,” he said. “If your goal is to grow a 40-plus bushels per acre soybean crop, you will need in excess of 200 pounds of nitrogen. Inoculating the seed—and doing so every year—helps ensure that the crop will have a way to fix nitrogen, and is far more economical than applying 200-plus pounds of nitrogen fertilizer. Inoculating with a professionally applied liquid inoculant can help start the nitrogen fixation process early, encouraging nodulation and ultimately delivering a greater benefit to the crop and maximizing yield potential.”

As market prices are rising, growers need to make sure they are getting the best for their soybeans. One option growers can have for their soybeans is Nodulator® PRO + Integral. Nodulator PRO is a professionally applied pre-inoculant that helps maximize nodulation. Integral is a biofungicide with the Bacillus subtilis bacteria that helps suppress seedling diseases.

Cale Jefferies, a grower with Jefferies Seeds in Glenboro, Manitoba, used Nodulator PRO + Integral on his soybeans in 2015. “Last year we used Nodulator PRO for the first time, and we really liked it. It has the most rhizobia in the marketplace as well as a low application volume, so it gives our customers the best bang for their buck,” he said. “It also goes onto the seed really well, it has good flowability and dries fast. We will definitely continue to use Nodulator PRO + Integral in the future.”

Nodulator PRO + Integral is Biostacked with two beneficial biologicals: the rhizobia of Nodulator PRO and the disease-suppressing bacteria in Integral. Field research shows that applying the two beneficial biologicals in the Nodulator PRO + Integral system can result in up to six percent more yield than the competitor. Being aware of the benefits of inoculants can help growers get the best for their soybeans, helping to produce a successful crop.


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