Published on Fri, 05/20/2016 by Metro Creative Graphics, Inc.

2016 Media Sales to Soar with Metro’s New MiAD Wizard

May 20, 2016 (New York, NY) – Metro’s 2016 lineup of revenue-building resources makes it easier than ever for media sales professionals to meet — and even exceed — their sales goals. By utilizing Metro’s new MiAD Wizard — an extension to Metro interactive Ad Designer (MiAD) for desktop and mobile — sales teams can produce polished, professional and targeted spec ads for print, Web and mobile in a matter of minutes.

The magic of MiAD Wizard takes shape in three easy steps, immediately creating customized, ready-to-present spec ads with options to print, email or further customize in MiAD. With this winning combination of dynamic ad design and immediate availability, media sales professionals can close more and more profitable sales with ease.

“All of the components of our MiAD products are designed to work together to boost the bottom line,” says Debra Shapiro Weiss, Metro’s Executive Vice President. “But we developed MiAD Wizard to meet the needs of sales professionals who want instant access to high-quality, presentation-ready spec ads that close sales.”

Everyone knows that spec ads are valuable sales closers, and now MiAD Wizard takes the pressure off time-crunched creative teams by enabling salespeople to create multiple spec ads in a flash — at their desks or on the go!

“Metro’s business is helping media companies drive ad revenue and see bigger returns on their investments,” notes Robert Zimmerman, Metro’s President and CEO. “With MiAD Wizard, we have harnessed the power of MiAD and packaged it in a format that will enable sales professionals to be even more successful in today’s challenging media landscape.”

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