Published on Thu, 10/29/2015 by BASF Canada

Unique solid core technology in high demand for soybean growers

As growers look for ways to maximize yield and efficiency in their soybean crop, solid core granule technology is becoming increasingly important for soybean inoculation. Solid core technology ensures accurate and consistent placement to improve nodulation and ensure the correct amount of product is being used.

Meeting the demands of a growing market is a goal of BASF for the 2016 season and beyond. Solid Core granular, an in-furrow inoculant for soybeans unique to BASF, offers effective technology and meets the demands of Western Canadian soybean growers. Demand for this unique solid core formulation is increasing as growers realize the convenience and overall agronomic benefit because of enhanced placement accuracy.

The unique Solid Core formulation is the only one of its kind made primarily of clay to offer better flowability and a more consistent shape. This allows the product to flow through machinery more easily, be placed more accurately in-furrow at the seed which leads to better nodulation. The unique granule provides an environment optimized for rhizobial survival, which helps maintain populations in the soil for better nodulation and nitrogen fixation.

“Nodulator Solid Core granular is easy to use, flows correctly and we’ve been happy with it,” said Kara Nadeau from Nadeau Seeds Inc. in Fannystelle, Manitoba. “That second inoculation in-furrow Nodulator Solid Core granular helps the soybean through the stress as it begins to germinate and come through the soil.”

Nodulator Solid Core granular is recommended for air seeders with application directly in-furrow at time of seeding.

“BASF is leading the market with Nodulator Solid Core granular,” said Ariel Gohlke, Inoculant Brand Manager. “At BASF, we are committed to developing the best products for growers to use. Nodulator Solid Core granular is an example of this commitment, and will offer growers the best flow in the seeders with no bridging. The smooth flow ensures soybeans get the nitrogen they need to flower.”

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