Published on Fri, 08/28/2015 by BASF Canada

Growers can expect to see the benefits of spraying a pre-harvest herbicide this season in dry beans and soybeans

The growing season is well underway and many growers are shifting their focus to think about harvest. Getting a clean, high-quality sample into the bin while working around unpredictable fall weather is the challenge that growers face almost every year.

Applying a pre-harvest herbicide is one way to help growers get around some of these challenges but there are a number of other beneficial reasons to apply a harvest aid or desiccant at the end of the season.

Even crop drydown. Applying a pre-harvest herbicide will give growers an even drydown of the entire field, reducing green material and combine clogging. An even drydown of crops and weeds can also mean a quicker harvest.

Timing. Growers using a pre-harvest herbicide can better time harvest and get into the field sooner.

Improved weed control for the following year. Applying a herbicide pre-harvest will not only help at harvest but will benefit weed control in the spring. Fall is the best time to control perennial weeds like sow thistle, dandelion, and winter annuals such as Canada fleabane and chickweed. Applying a herbicide in the fall prior to planting wheat can help delay a herbicide application in the spring to coincide with fungicide timing, saving growers time and money the following season.

Quality. Keeping crops weed free will help maintain grade and yield. Weeds like Eastern black nightshade can be especially damaging to dry bean grade. Using a pre-harvest herbicide can dry down the plants, making the berries fall off early and eliminate staining and helping to maintain grade.

Growers in Ontario who faced more than their share of unpredictable weather at harvest time in 2014 will want to consider a pre-harvest herbicide application in order to better time harvest this year. They’ll also see the added benefit of control of some of the tough weeds that growers in this part of the country are dealing with.

“Glyphosate-resistant Canada fleabane is continuing to spread rapidly throughout the province, creating a challenge for growers,” said Rob Miller, Technical Development Manager for Eastern Canada with BASF.

Miller adds that Eragon LQ herbicide from BASF plus glyphosate is a good option for pre-harvest application in dry beans and soybeans. The product uses a Group 14 active ingredient to control broadleaf weeds and can be used in both pre-plant and pre-emergence applications for cereals.

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