Published on Wed, 08/19/2015 by BASF Canada

More Canola growers turn to canola systems that offer a premium

Increasing demand for alternative canola genetics in the United States has Canadian producers turning to canola systems that can offer specialty oil contracts for the quality crop.

Grower and agronomist Barry Chappell of Chappell Ag Ventures in Hamiota, MB, speaks of the success his operation has experienced in growing and selling Clearfield canola.

“The Clearfield canola system has had huge benefits for producers,” explained Chappell. “With the premiums that are available on the genetics being provided by some the grain companies, it’s definitely allowed better net returns on our farm, compared to other technologies that we’ve grown.”

Eighty-nine per cent of growers who chose the Clearfield Production System for canola reported they were satisfied overall, according to a recent satisfaction survey conducted by BASF Canada. Ninety-two per cent of growers reported that they would recommend the Clearfield Production System for canola to other growers.

Including the Clearfield Production system for canola into a rotation gives growers another option to control weeds with a single in-crop application. Danielle Eastman, Clearfield Brand Manager at BASF Canada, said producers are increasingly relying on the Clearfield canola system for its many agronomic benefits.

“All Clearfield canola varieties are non-GMO and are approved for export worldwide,” explained Eastman. “With specialty oil premiums available for many of the high-yielding Clearfield canola varieties, growers can often see higher returns on their investment.”

The best choice for growers to protect their investment is an application of Ares herbicide, which is specifically designed for use with the Clearfield Production System for canola, for improved flushing weed control of broadleaf and grassy weeds such as wild buckwheat, cleavers and volunteer canola. Producers of Clearfield canola are taking advantage of the agronomic benefits of growing Clearfield canola and the speciality oil contracts available.

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