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Clear Mosquitoes Out of Your Backyard in Minutes!

May 4, 2015

Mosquitoes can be up to 10,000 times more sensitive to Garlic Oil than humans!

Now you can enjoy your backyard, favourite area at the cottage, pool, or have a mosquito free outdoor event or wedding. Simply spray with water based, food grade garlic oil, MOSQUITO-Less. 

“Mosquitoes can be up to 10,000 times more sensitive to Garlic Oil than humans!”

 MOSQUITO-Less was developed over 10 years ago, on a tip from a couple of farmers, who had been using  garlic oil on their livestock for years.

Manufactured in Canada by a nationally recognized, innovative, consumer Eco-product group. Now about 100,000 Canadians are enjoying their favorite summer areas again.

MOSQUITO-Less repellent has full Health Canada PMRA Domestic and Commercial approvals nationwide. This product meets the Low Risk Eco criteria preferred by home and cottage owners, as well as professional lawn care and pest control groups.

Simply use the convenient MOSQUITO-Less hose end sprayer, 900ml bottle which treats up to 3000 sq ft, or put the concentrate product in your own garden sprayer and cover your entire back yard in about 8 minutes.

Mosquitoes are instantly repelled out of your backyard by creating a “3 Dimensional Zone”, in the area you wish to enjoy. Spray Trees, Fences, Hedge, Bushes, Walls, Screens, Grass, Pool deck, Patio and even the Outdoor Furniture.

 “You will see the mosquitoes leaving” and they can be gone for weeks! Re-apply to area as required. Most users find 3-4 times a season is adequate. Special Outdoor parties, Weddings, Wine tastings and BBQ’s can be done one or two days prior to the event.  A typical spraying application video can be seen on

MOSQUITO-Less is available across Canada: Home Hardware , TRU Hardware , TRU Country, Sheridan Nurseries and leading local nurseries.  


Commercial Lawn care and Pesticide groups, can source through: Greenstar , Westland, Eddi's , Rittenhouse, Dufferin Lawn Life, Natural Insect Control (NIC). Quebec: Contact Products, Greenstar and NIC.

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