Published on Fri, 09/09/2011 by Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Canada FarmSafe Plan: A new guide to manage safety risks on your farm

by Theresa Whalen
Canadian Federation of Agriculture Farm Safety Consultant (413 words)

There's a new tool to help Canadian producers manage safety risks on their farms. The Canada FarmSafe Plan, created by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), is a management tool to guide farmers and ranchers through the process of developing, implementing and establishing a customized farm and ranch safety plan. The Plan offers sample forms, examples and where to get more resources. Download the basic Canada FarmSafe Plan at .

The Canada FarmSafe Plan supports the theme Plan * Farm * Safety, a three-year focus for the Canadian Agricultural Safety campaign. In 2010 the campaign promoted "Plan" with safety walkabouts and planning for safety. This year, the focus is on "Farm" including implementation, documentation and training. And in 2012, emphasis will be on "Safety" including assessment, improvement and further development of safety systems.

"Farm owners, operators and managers are responsible for knowing and applying best management practices and laws to ensure the safety and health of everyone who lives on, visits or works on their farms," explains Glen Blahey, agricultural health and safety specialist for CASA. "The Canada FarmSafe Plan provides a straightforward blueprint for putting safety practices to work on any farm in Canada."

The basic Plan walks producers through four key steps. The first is business risk management, which provides a guide to assess the farm's risk of prosecution, economic loss, commodity loss and human resource loss should an incident occur.

The second step provides five actions to make your farm a safer place, including: committing to a written health and safety statement; defining a process to identify hazards; controlling hazards; and ensuring communication and understanding of responsibilities along with regular review and revisions to the plan.

The third step outlines resources including terms and definitions. The fourth is an exploration of safety and health principles comprised of: identifying hazards, control measures, procedures for inspection, training, emergencies, incidents, review and responsibilities.

CASA has also developed implementation tools to augment the basic Plan. The tools include a series of sample forms that can be adapted to your enterprise, a template for a record book and an employee handbook. For information on these tools contact or call 1-877-452-2272.

"The Canada FarmSafe Plan is a management tool that helps to protect the health and safety of those working and living on your farm and reduces the risk of economic, commodity and human resource losses. So it makes good sense no matter how you look at it," summarizes Marcel Hacault, CASA's executive director.

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For more information contact:
Theresa Whalen, Canadian Federation of Agriculture Farm Safety Consultant
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** Check out the basic Canada FarmSafe Plan at .