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Are you a Haircare Winner or Sinner?


"It's easy to banish the 'bad-hair-day' blues forever," says Eric Del Monaco, Official Hair Artist and Colourist for L'Oréal Paris and beauty expert on Global TV's hit show Project Runway Canada.

Del Monaco urges women to stop being haircare sinners and become haircare winners by avoiding his following Top Five Deadly Haircare Sins:

#1 - Ignoring Your Hair Type
To get great hair you need to first determine your hair type and match your haircare products accordingly. For instance, does your hair look dull and dry? Then, you require a shampoo, conditioner and treatment formula designed to hydrate and add moisture. But, if your hair appears flat, lifeless and shows traces of oil around the part in your hair – even though you just washed it that morning - then most likely you have oily hair so you need a volume-building shampoo that infuses volume and texture to your hair. For colour-treated hair, opt for haircare products that are designed specifically for colour-treated hair such as L'Oréal Paris new EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System line of shampoos, conditioners and treatment formulas that prolong the lifespan of your colour, while meeting the needs of a variety of hair types.

#2 - Improper Application
To get the full benefits of your shampoos, conditioners and treatment formulas you need to use the right amount for your hair length. As a general rule of thumb, short-to-medium length hair only requires a quarter-size amount of shampoo and conditioner. Longer hair requires up to two loonie-sized amounts. Product should first be applied to the palm of your hands so that you can rub them together and comb your fingers through your hair to ensure even coverage of the product to your entire head of hair. Del Monaco says you should never apply conditioner without first squeezing out the excess water from your hair, as the conditioner won't adhere properly to soaking wet hair preventing you from getting the full conditioning benefits of your conditioner.

#3 - Overwashing
Overwashing your hair can strip it of valuable oils that help to make your hair shiny and healthy looking. It can also cause your scalp to become dry and irritated. If you have oily hair, then it is fine to wash your hair daily. But, if you have normal or dry hair then washing daily is a big no-no, as this can dry out hair and cause it to become drier and even brittle.

#4 - Forgoing Conditioner
Some women believe that conditioner weighs down their hair and even makes it look oily. This is completely false as all hair types require proper conditioning in order to add back essential moisture and maintain the health of the hair. When applied, conditioner should be left on the hair for approximately 2-3 minutes before it is rinsed out. If you have oily hair, apply conditioner approximately 3-4 inches away from the scalp to prevent any build-up of excess oil. To help ensure even application of your conditioner, try taking a wide-toothed comb into the shower to comb through the conditioner once you have applied it. Another great way to ensure you are properly conditioning your hair – especially for dry hair – is to treat it to a weekly hair masque or treatment formula designed for your specific hair type to help improve the overall look, manageability and health of your hair. But, be sure to read the instructions carefully to find out how to properly apply the product and how long you should leave it on your hair to reap the full benefits.

#5 - Insufficient Rinsing
By not properly rinsing out all of the shampoo and conditioner from your hair you may build up residue on your hair and scalp. This can result in a dry, irritated and itchy scalp, along with dull, lifeless looking hair that may look dirty within hours of just washing it. The best way to tell if all of the shampoo and/or conditioner is out of your hair is to look for any soap suds in the water during your final rinse and if there are no suds in the water then you have properly washed out all of the product.

As part of any haircare regime it is also important to protect your hair from exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays – all year round, as these UV rays can dry out hair and dull colour. With this in mind, Del Monaco recommends L'Oréal Paris new EverPure UV Protect Spray that can be applied daily and is great for all hair types.

By following all of these haircare tips you are sure to beat the 'bad-hair-day' blues. And, Del Monaco adds that if you want to give your hair a little more pizzazz be sure to 'dress-up' your healthy, beautiful hair with jeweled hair accessories, scarves or hair bands that are a hot new trend in hair this season.

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